Why Training Matters

Top Reasons You Need Ongoing Learning

  • When the skills of your employees are critical to the success of the business. If your business is evolving, the knowledge and abilities of everyone in the organization need to change, too.
  • When you need increased engagement. We are all experiencing doing “less with more,” but burnout is inevitable if people don’t feel competent in their roles. In fact, research indicates that about 75% of the workforce is disengaged because they’re not getting the coaching and development they need.
  • When you don’t have all the answers. You’ll need to look to your managers, leaders, and individual contributors to help create new opportunities and innovate.
  • When you find yourself talking about what people “should” be doing. That’s a sign that there’s a gap between how people ARE performing vs. how you WANT them to perform.
  • When you lack the internal experience or expertise for developing others. Training and leadership development is a professional discipline—just like accounting, dentistry, and medicine.