Presenting With Impact


This feedback and practice intensive, 2-day program is designed to help participants present engaging, clear, and credible messages that leave a lasting impact on their audience. This program gets results…!


  • Demonstrate effective use of delivery skills: stance, movement, pause and gestures
  • Learn to control eye movement as a way to engage audience and reduce nervousness
  • Handle and redirect nervous energy
  • Develop and work with visuals effectively
  • Develop powerful openings and content that’s audience focused
  • Learn 3-step process for handling questions and answers effectively and confidently


One-on-one coaching, “on-the-spot” coaching; intensive practice with 14 speaking opportunities throughout the program

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Target Audience

Individuals or managers who are regularly required to present in both formal and informal settings. This includes project managers, sales leaders, and executives. Because of the intensive nature of coaching and practice, enrollment is strictly limited to 12 participants and two instructors OR 6 participants and one instructor.

What participants are saying about
“Presenting with Impact”

“Intense. The skills and tools we practiced—again and again—made a visible difference within just a few hours. The trick will be to apply everything we learned. I especially liked the easy structure for designing content instead of just “throwing together some Powerpoint Slides. The instructors were supportive, but didn’t let us off the hook. Amazing session.”

Jito Coleman, President, Northern Power