Leader’s Window©: Situational Leadership


This 1 ½ day program was designed by Dr. John Beck, a protégé of Ken Blanchard and principal of Charter Oak Consulting. This program builds on Blanchard’s “Situational Leadership” to help recognize leadership styles and learn to use those styles to get individuals to perform to the best of their potential.


  • Learn the 4 leadership styles of the L4System, the behaviors associated with each, and the effective and ineffective use of each style
  • Use a case study to analyze and understand how the L4 System works in real situations
  • Apply the Situational Analysis and Performance Contracting tools to use the L4 System to enhance employee performance
  • Get feedback through Leadership Style Assessments to identify your own leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Practice coaching skills to enhance current your coaching style


Short briefings; small group and pair exercises; individual exercises; skill practice; 360 assessment.

Target Audience

Leaders with 3+ years’ experience who want to elevate their leadership impact by matching style to individual employee potential.

What participants are saying about
“The Leader’s Window©”

“This is, by far, the best program I’ve ever been through. The facilitator was fantastic and the content was really useful. I now recognize that I wasn’t matching the style needed to the potential of an individual. I now have ways to approach the situation differently and get performance back on track.

2nd Vice President, IT and Operations, Travelers Insurance