Hiring The Best


A 4-hour practice intensive program designed to help elevate the skills and the process needed to efficiently and effectively hire the best person for the job.


  • Practice 3 foundational interviewing skills: asking appropriate questions, pressing for specifics, and avoiding evaluative feedback
  • Use a skill analyzer tool that helps you focus your questioning and the interview
  • Learn techniques to help you develop questions that tend to elicit truthful responses
  • Receive a library of interviewing questions to use as a reference back on the job
  • Practice using an interview evaluation form that helps you capture information and guides you through the interviewing discussion
  • Learn key legal guidelines around effective hiring practices

Short briefings; small group and pair exercises; individual exercises; peer and instructor feedback; skill practice.

Target Audience
Anyone responsible for hiring and interviewing.

• Train The Trainer certification

What participants are saying about
“Hiring the Best”

“So practical. I loved the analyzer tool and the evaluation form. It’s going to help me make much better hiring decisions—and save time during the actual interview.”

Anonymous Participant – SBLI Insurance