Getting To Yes – Negotiation Skills That Work


A one-day practice intensive program designed for any individual or leader who needs to master the skills needed to reach win-win solutions and create lasting agreement for the negotiating problems they face.


  • • Recognize when issue need to be resolved-and when they don’t.
  • • Learn to identify and articulate the real issue for both parties
  • • Learn skills to stay “neutral” and cool under pressure
  • • Practice and demonstrate mastery of four critical negotiation skills:
  •      Questioning
  •      Listening: (Empathy, Paraphrasing, Acknowledging)
  •      Testing For Reaction
  • Relating Your Position
  • • Demonstrate 5-step conversation model to resolve most issues
  • • Identify barriers to agreement and use the PIN technique to find creative solutions

Short briefings; small group and pair exercises; individual exercises; skill practice with “in-the-moment” coaching and feedback; peer feedback.

Target Audience
Anyone required to negotiate with internal clients, customers, peers, or managers. The program is impactful at any level-individual contributor to senior-level manager-with content and facilitation easily customized at no additional cost.

• Instructor led program
• Train The Trainer certification


What participants are saying about
“Getting To Yes”

“I can’t believe how quickly I put the skills to use. I even used the conversation steps with my teenager –and it worked. Very engaging and extremely useful.”

Paula F., Director of Talent Acquisition, Travelers