Executive Presentation Skills


Senior leaders are often required to make high impact, high stakes presentations. This program is customized to target each individual’s specific presentation skill needs. This may include refining skills or working on those that impact clarity and credibility. Below is a sample of some common coaching content areas.


  • Connecting and engaging with the audience
  • Handling and redirecting nervous energy
  • Bringing energy to the presentation
  • Developing powerful openings and closings
  • Developing presentation content that’s logically organized and audience focused
  • Handling questions to enhance credibility
  • Projecting confidence through appropriate gestures, pace, and movement
  • Working with and designing visuals to enhance the presentation, not detract from it
  • “Quick hit” feedback and coaching for upcoming presentations


  1. Discuss and develop clear goal(s) for coaching; determine measures of success
  2. Develop a “baseline” for the executive with video. Identify skills that are working well, and those that need further development.
  3. Target development areas, and provide one-on-one coaching, practice, and video review
  4. Apply skills to upcoming presentation
  5. Evaluate against measures of success

Target Audience

Leaders or executives who are regularly required to present in high impact, high stakes settings. This includes project managers, sales leaders, and executives.