Coaching For Performance and Engagement


A two-day practice intensive program designed to elevate skills to coach others effectively and efficiently. The program uses a unique, accelerated learning method called on “on-the-spot” coaching that ensures learning sticks—for any level of manager.


  • Understand the business case for coaching and coaching effectiveness
  • Learn and demonstrate mastery of four critical coaching skills:
    • Focusing on behavior and outcomes
    • Listening: Empathy, Paraphrasing, Acknowledging
    • Asking for Input
    • Using Reinforcement Techniques
  • Demonstrate 4-step process for communicating goals and performance expectations
  • Correct performance problems by keeping accountability with the employee
  • Develop employee potential to increase engagement and commitment
  • Use a “Performance Grid” to quickly identify the most appropriate coaching conversation for your employees
  • Design coaching strategies and action plans that are focused on the “critical few” vs. the “trivial many”


Short briefings; small group and pair exercises; individual exercises; skill practice with “in-the-moment” coaching and feedback; peer feedback.

Target Audience

Anyone required to coach and give feedback to employees. The program is impactful at any level—first time supervisor to senior-level manager—with content and facilitation easily customized at no additional cost.


  • Coaching Assessment: Individual 180 Feedback Report
  • Train The Trainer certification

What participants are saying about
“Coaching for Performance & Engagement”

“I’ve been through all kinds of training programs before with dopey, unrealistic role plays and a lot of lecture. This program showed me just how practical and engaging training can be. I used the skills immediately —both professionally and personally—and got immediate results. Unbelievable.”